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Dinoparque da Lourinhã

The mythical Dinoparque, at Lourinhã, was already promised to the family’s youngest, my dear 7-year-old nephew. As he loves dinosaurs for such a long time and the park had a very good program, the visit finally happened this September at a weekend. There weren’t that many people there, but i still would have preferred to visit on a week day, so we could be there more freely and my nephew could run a lot more.

At Dinoparque you can see more than 180 life size dinosaurs and it’s divided in 7 main spaces. It starts with an initial fossil’s exhibition and the dinosaurs that were found in Portugal, like the Lourinhasaurus and Miragaia, then you have 4 areas representing the 4 more important history of Earth and life evolution periods (Paleozoic, Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous), one new space of Sea Monster, recently added (in 2019), one activity area, where the children can experience one excavation (now closed due to Covid-19). It’s also in this area that you can find the restaurant and the gift shop. All areas are signalized but I think it can be even better marked so everyone could start from the older times to the most recent periods. We found several people doing it backwards and it was challenging to avoid the other people and keep our distance, as we had to cross the path. Despite being everything open air, and it’s not compulsory the mask use, they still recommend it everywhere, but again, not everyone respects it.

You can also find picnic tables everywhere around the park and trash cans, but restroom areas only by the main entrance, inside and outside.

The full visit took us about 1h30 to 2h, we read all the signs for every dinosaur, they are not super descriptive and they’re appealing for any age, even the youngest one was interest in reading most of the information there. Another activity that kept us even more interested was a small quiz that we had to fulfill and look for the answers during the visit. In the end you exchange the quiz for a small surprise for the children.

About the food, it was easy for us. We took a small backpack with snacks and water for the visit and when we finished, we went to a beach around (there’s plenty of the to choose) and we had lunch there, we had brought food from home. A great program for a sunny day and it’s good to avoid places with more people in these pandemic times. And, it’s low cost.

The ticket’s price is very affordable and there’s still some discount prices, like buying the ticket online previously. Visit the website for more information.

So, the park sold it and delivered it. Four adults and one child, all happy with the visit. We would visit again if they added more exhibitions and it’s obviously a must go.

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