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Março de novas etapas

5 years and 4 days ago I was arriving to Cambodia.

3 years and 1 day ago Pedro and I we're arriving to Iceland.

2 years ago we just had had our first trip together across the world.

Today, I am leaving Iceland, Pedro will join me in a few weeks to start a new adventure.

I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but March seems like it has some special energy to make us do stuff, to change our routine and it always comes with new challenges! Or maybe, it's just the time that we need to put up with our New Year's resolutions.

We leave Iceland, not behind, but inside us, as we lived so many incredible experiences and so many of them shared with family and friends.

We leave Iceland now, but with the certainty that we will come back, maybe sooner, maybe later. Who knows on another March. Or even any other month, they're all great to come back to this amazing piece of paradise.

We leave Iceland full of amazing memories in each place that we visited and revisited again and again, but also memories of all the friends that we made and loved here and we will follow each other through the world, I know it.

Iceland, you treated us well, and we also tried to leave you always a little bit better than we found you as they taught us, and we also leave you as better humans, I believe!

Thank you for everything and to all!

Takk fyrir Ísland! ❤️

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