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New York - dia 4

Last day has arrived, the one that we don't want ever to arrive, there's still so much to do and beautiful places to see. But, no more feeling nostalgic, and lets enjoy the day, the day that was the best of the four, blue sky, sunshine and no wind.

As all the other days before, we took the subway at Central Station and went to Central Park, the Manhattan lung. I always watched many american movies and series, and for me, New York is Gossip Girl, and they are linked together, so I couldn't miss the famous MET stairs, where so many scenes were filmed.

We got then in Central Park, looks like another world, the mood changes, nature all around, little trails by the lakes and woods, little castles hidden inside, ducks, birds, and not even Winter makes all the green disappear.

But, of course, not everything was peace and quiet, we started hearing bells and ringing everywhere, some clapping, and suddenly almost got "runned over" by some athletes, we hit the jackpot and hit the day of a run. But the park is huge, so there is enough space for everyone.

To prove that there is space for everyone, we were taking some photos from the iconic bridges and we got a proposal as a picture background, very romantic. We waited for the girl's reaction and we went to talk to them to offer the pictures that we just took of this special moment. They were happy to get them and of course, she said YES!! :)

After walking a while, we decided to rest a little bit under that amazing sun, watching the kids ice skating. Those kids were amazing, i was even embarrassed just by thinking of what I do at the ice skating rink, 50 laps all clockwise and that's it. Those kids, they were jumping and twirling, but also some falls, but we were very impressed.

Almost at the end of Central Park visit, we started from North to South, directing ourselves to 5th Avenue, we took only one more stop over the rocks to embrace the last landscape with the park and the skyscrapers.

We arrived to 5th Avenue and this time, we fully walked it, and we saw all those amazingly expensive and beautiful stores that we get used to see on TV and fashion shows.

This time, we walked it on day time, so we got to get in some stores. One of them was LEGO, where you can buy pieces by unit, as you need, and the inventory is even bigger than my mind can imagine. We also visited F.A.O. Scharz, the most amazing, huge toy store, where you can find the iconic foot piano from BIG, the movie with Tom Hanks (if you don't know what I'm talking about, please watch it ASAP...).

All the stores were then seen, and we went to Bryant Park, behind The New York Public Library, that was still closed to public, so we had lunch and enjoyed the sunshine at the park, again in front of a ice skating rink, but this time everyone skating on a similar style to mine! :D

The Library has only 2 guided visits per day limited to around 20 pax, but on Sundays there's only one at 2 pm, so be fast, it's worth it. But if you can, try to visit other day than Sunday, as some collection rooms are closed and it would be interesting to see. This library is more than 100 years old and was always updating itself with time, was built as a public research facility and has very important partnerships with highly dignified universities.

That's how our short trip to New York finished, but it was enough for so much (our feet suffered a little - a lot - bit).

As final balance, i can only say that was above all my expectations and i was quite impressed, with all the huge skyscrapers, that give you neck pain because of so much sky gazing. :P And I was also thinking that it would be a dark city, but even on the most cloudy days i didn't fell it at all. I was expecting a very stressed routine from the New Yorkers and I always heard they were rude and not so nice, but I guess it was a myth, because everyone was always so nice and friendly, and if we were looking a little bit lost, they would come to us being the most helpful people.

New York foi a very nice surprise, and I want to visit again, for sure, maybe on a warmer season, so I can see an even greener Central Park.

After this day by day posts, I will write smaller posts about each landmark or place that we visited, would it be something that you are interested about? Please let me know!! Thank you for reading.

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