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São Miguel, Açores | Lagoa do Congro

When we asked our Azorean friends for some tips on what to visit, one of the first suggestions was this one, Congro Lagoon. Relatively close to the airport from São Miguel Island, as we were having a short layover there before going to São Jorge, so enough time to visit. What a great surprise!

To get to the trail to the lagoon you need to follow a dirt road for a while with some rocks, surrounded by giant trees from both sides. You can park the car in the beginning of this road, or you can drive a little bit further and find some small spots to park one or 2 cars more. The lagoon is 1,25 km perimeter and there’s a trail with some detours to another lagoon areas. But the main one was my favorite and you have a better view from the full lake and some great selfie stops.

The main trail is less than 1km one way, and the terrain is easy to walk, you just need to go over some fallen trees on the ground and some occasional steps. It’s always inside the forest, big trees e so many shades of green as I hadn’t seen for a long time. I was delighted! When I got to the lagoon, I was so happy to see the big fish (some of them jumping) and the lagoon mirroring all that nature.

It’s a quick walk, but so beautiful. Great for those who are looking for some peace and quiet at an awesome place.


Check the weather before you go, Spotazores with live cameras. We visited on a cloudy day and it was very beautiful, I don't know if it will be better or worse on a sunny day.

Footwear suitable for walking, with good grip on damp ground.

Protect the environment, leave no garbage or marks from your passage there and do not bring anything with you, the lagoon needs its vegetation and its stones.

Respect the trail markings, do not take shortcuts to avoid damaging protected species.

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