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S. Miguel, Açores | Miradouro do Pico do Ferro - Salto da Inglesa/Janela das Furnas

Pico do Ferro Viewpoint

One of the most beautiful views of Lagoa and Vale das Furnas is from Pico do Ferro viewpoint.

This viewpoint is located 570 meters above sea level in Pico do Ferro and is located about 5 km from the town of Furnas. From here you have an open view over the volcanic crater where Vale das Furnas (on the left) and Lagoa das Furnas are located.

From the viewpoint we can also take a glimpse of the areas where secondary volcanic activity is most active, where the famous Cozidos das Furnas are made, due to the characteristic color of the soil and the small clouds of water steam.

There is or there was, a circular trail that connects Pico do Ferro to Parque Grená, but although information about this trail is available online, on the official website of pedestrian trails in the Azores it is no longer listed. Parque Grená opened to the public in 2019, perhaps for this reason the trail disappeared.

Salto da Inglesa / Furnas Window

It is also here that a secret viewpoint (perhaps not so secret) is hidden on the top of a waterfall for the more adventurous ones.

The Janela das Furnas or Salto da Inglesa as they are unofficially called, is a small, quiet and fresh paradise, right at the top of a waterfall, more precisely called Salto da Inglesa. To see this waterfall from below, you have to pay an admission ticket to Parque Grená.

Upon arriving at this "secret" place, the sound of the water is relaxing, to the same extent that the height at which we are can be terrifying. So, while finding a balance between these two feelings, and adding the beauty of the view, we decided to stop and enjoy. And also have lunch for our meal. :)

It is worth visiting either of these two viewpoints.

Note: anyone who wants to know more about how to get here, talk to me directly.


  • Check the weather on the usual Spotazores website, with live cameras from different parts of the island.

  • Those who visit Salto da Inglesa, will need walking shoes.

  • Do not leave marks of your passage anywhere, bring the garbage that you take and any that you find.

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