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S. Miguel, Açores | Quatro Fábricas da Luz - Trilho PR 39 SMI

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

We wanted to spend some time with our friends in S. Miguel, and this trail was promptly suggested because it is easy and close to the beach, where we ended the afternoon. We started the trail at Lugar da Praia, near the fountain, but it doesn't have a lot of parking. In the trail information it is suggested to start the trail on the opposite side and there you have more parking space.

Since this trail is linear, it implies a return trip along the same path or an alternative route, or a two-car logistics at each end, for those who prefer it. In this route full of vibrant fauna and flora, we pass by places of great historical importance in hydroelectric production and energy distribution around the island. We pass 4 factories, one of which is still operating and the other has been reused as a museum. There is also a central station still in operation. For more information about these factories and the history of the trail visit this site.

It is a beautiful trail, almost always surrounded by water; waterfalls and little streams, such as Segredo Waterfall, and with many trees and woods around us. Nature is so strong that, in the factories that are in ruins, it took over the place and claims for itself what the man once built.

This trail is considered easy, with 2.1km linear one way (4.2km round trip), about 150m positive elevation and well signposted.

If you have free time on the island of S. Miguel, I consider this trail a good option. At the end of the walk, we went to dust off to the beach at Água d'Alto. Salt water, black sand and a hot sun to finish off this summer afternoon.


  • Check the weather before you go Spotazores. This is a good trail to do in case of heat and strong sun, as it is mostly in the shade of the big trees and you can always take a bath in the waterfalls or later on the beach to cool off.

  • Try to avoid peak hours, to enjoy it for yourself.

  • Go prepared with comfortable shoes.

  • There are places with protected landscape, bring your trash and some more if you find it.

  • Always take an extra piece of warmer clothing and a raincoat or windbreaker. What is said about the Azores’ weather is very real, 4 seasons of the year in one day and real suddenly.

Click here to check the post with my location suggestions to visit at S. Miguel.

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