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S. Miguel, Açores | Salto do Cabrito

Salto do Cabrito!

This waterfall, with its imposing 40 meters high and clear fresh waters, is a mandatory stop for me. Its main access is through the road that leads to Lagoa do Fogo, however, and for those that have some time, a small pedestrian trail leads to it, which many say is very beautiful. You can reach the waterfall on foot or by car, and there is a car park about less than 100 meters from the waterfall. Initially, at the side of the road, you will see a dirt road, which appears to be in poor condition and generates some suspicion in taking a rental car to such paths, but we moved forward with no fear (Pedro, not me, ahah) and made the descent smoothly and we ended up in that parking lot full of space where there were even people camping and barbecuing.

On the way to the waterfall, we will initially observe a water reservoir and walking a little further we arrive at the waterfall. We have to walk a little on top of rocks to reach the natural pool created by the water under the waterfall and then yes, you can get into that fresh water.

Visiting this waterfall in the middle of the morning, more or less, depends on the weather and the height of the sun, the sun rays pass through the opening in the stone, at the top of the waterfall and make a very beautiful image.

For the more adventurous, there are metal stairs (many stairs) next to the power station and the waterfall, which goes up and you have a view from the top of the waterfall. I didn't go up, I can't give you the perspective, but if you go there, please share it with me! :)


  • Check the weather before you go. Spotazores is always a safe bet.

  • Try to go out of peak hours.

  • Go prepared with a bathing suit, towel and shoes with rigid soles to be able to walk on the rocks without hurting your feet.

  • Even if you don't have time for bathing, the stop is quick and the waterfall is beautiful.

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