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Vatnsnes - The seal Peninsula

Still during the trip with Pedro's parents, we went to visit Vatnsnes. About 200 km north of Reykjavík on national road 1 (2h30 trip), Vatnsnes, or the peninsula of the seals. That night we were going to sleep in Blönduós, in a very cozy cottage on the campsite (+- 60 km from Hvammstangi) and as it was still relatively early we decided to go to Vatnsnes. We entered the peninsula from the west towards Hvammstangi. We stopped at the first seal observation sign and despite the wind, we started the 15 minutes journey. When we arrived, we looked, we looked, but we only saw rocks and stones, so we turned back since we didn't see any seals (we thought...). We continued on our way to Illugastadir (25km), where there is a campsite and another seal observation point. There, we walked until we found a little house, or an observation shelter, with binoculars inside. We pointed the binoculars and there they were, lying on the rocks, like divas posing for an imaginary painter, waiting to be portrayed. It was at this moment that we realized that the rocks we had seen before, would probably be full of seals like these, but as they had the same shades, they were quite camouflaged, and without some zoom to help us, we couldn't distinguish them. We watched them for about 20 minutes, took some pictures and left.

We continued the road on the peninsula and on the east side, 22km later we made the last stop at Hvitserkur, a rock formation that has a very peculiar shape, it looks like an animal drinking water. What does it look like to you?

There are always beautiful sheep and horses along the way! :D

I was so happy when this photo was chosen to appear in Iceland's monthly touristic magazine What's On :D

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