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Picos da Europa - dia 2

Atualizado: 26 de nov. de 2022

That morning, for breakfast, we faced some technical difficulties, the toaster was not working and neither the coffee machine. Having the best electrician on board, we tried to find what the problem was, and the most probable cause was a fuse. As we were going to visit Santander on that day, we would fix the problem there.

We arrived to Santander close to lunch time, and that means it was siesta time, the stores would only reopen around 4 pm so we could buy the replacement fuse. Meanwhile we enjoyed our time having lunch and visiting the city. We went to Santander Cathedral, we walked in the garden and we also went to the main streets.

The Cathedral is really nice and has an open cloister and a garden, it’s worth a visit but it’s not unmissable.

When the stores reopened, we bought the fuse and everything just came back to life as it should. We would have toasts and coffee for the next breakfast.

Going back to the Natural Park, the road and the landscape complemented each other in each turn, if we looked up, we could see big rock walls and sometimes we had a river making every turn with us, with such a deep blue, vegetation everywhere and even goats on the steepest hills.

We explored less the park on this day, but we still went to discover what we would do the next day and choose the best place to stop the caravan for the night. We decided to stay at Las Arenas, as we would visit Bulnes the next morning and we needed to be there really early to get a parking spot to the caravan.

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